REAL GEEK GIRLS: Writer and Blogger Ashley Smalls

A few years ago, I started this feature, Real Geek Girls, with the goal of showing the world that girls can be geeky. I noticed that there was always some sort of critique of women being geeky and if it was real or just for show. I’m excited to bring this feature back and showcase some more amazing women. Every now and again, I’ll interview a new geek girl and highlight how many of us are out there and how real we all are. We come in all shapes and sizes and love many geeky things. I’m going to continue to show the world that there are real geek girls, and they know as much, if not more than the somehow more revered geek guy. Meet Ashley Smalls. She’s a geek girl who writes and blogs.

NBA Champion Talen Horton-Tucker Is Rising —

The Los Angeles Lakers are ready to defend their recent, literally-two-months-ago championship. Seriously, it was 2 months ago. 2 MONTHS! They went 4–0 in their preseason games, so they’ll be riding on an even more victorious high into the new shortened NBA season. There were plenty of positives to take away from those games, but the most talked about and very important one is the emergence of NBA champion Talen Horton-Tucker.

The Los Angeles Lakers Are Champions —

As the only Lakers fan of the Playgrounder family, it’s only right that I express my emotions… It is a wonderful feeling being back at the top… I’d like to also shoutout the Miami Heat, a fantastic team full of ballers. Coach Spoelstra is a damn fine coach. Jimmy Butler showed the world why he deserves more love. It won’t be shocking if they stack up the team a little in free agency. They will be back at a high level. Now back to my Lakers emotions…
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