Sorry For Your Loss: Episode's 01 X 08 Recap —

Sorry For Your Loss is a show everyone should be watching. It centers around Leigh Shaw (Elizabeth Olsen) and the different stages of grief she endures after something tragic happens in her life. It doesn’t just focus on her, but it dives into alcoholism, suicide, depression, family and friend dynamics and much more. The show doesn’t shy away from anything and makes sure the audience feels every emotion. Sorry For Your Loss is a show that seems to be flying under the radar, finding a home on th

Arrow Recap | Oliver Wants to be Alone

This week’s episode of Arrow focused on Oliver and how he dealt with his team falling apart. For now, the only two people who haven't quit on him are Quentin and Felicity. This episode packed a punch of craziness from beginning to end, with what was the best performance by Stephen Amell in the entire span of Arrow. He really went for it and did a phenomenal job. For this recap, I'm breaking down all of the episode's important moments: Oliver gets impeached in this episode. After failing to ge
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